Building a Bright Future for Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology is a growing field with significant untapped potential when it comes to future growth. 


Sport Psychology has boomed over the past thirty years. As more practitioners, professionals, and students have entered the field and made an impact, the sports world is beginning to realize that the mind separates the good athletes from the great athletes. 

Sport Psychology must continue to recruit graduate students and programs to sustainably grow in the future. Undergraduate and early-graduate students face too many barriers when exploring their career and educational options in the field. Unlike clinical or counseling psychology, sport psychology professionals, resources, and organizations do not appear at the touch of a button. There are also few undergraduate sport psychology majors or classes for people to get exposure to the field. College students must dig through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) website for valuable resources, networking opportunities, and conferences to learn about the field. 

AASP cannot tap into its full potential for future growth if 18-24 year-olds cannot clearly learn about the opportunities in the field and how to reach their goals because people in this age group make critical life decisions. That is why the AASP Mentorship Match program connects undergraduate and graduate students with professionals and professors in the field who give one-on-one specific guidance. Through these conversations, students learn about the opportunities in sport psychology and the paths required to attain long-term goals. 

Going to conferences made me realize how helpful it was to connect with established individuals in the field to build a career path. I took the opportunity to serve as a delegate for the Mentorship Match Program to reduce the barriers for other students like me who want to explore the field.