My mission is to explore the human struggles and potential, so that I whole-heartedly express my authentic self and share it with others.


To achieve this mission...


I cultivate awareness: I curiously observe and reflect on my internal and external experiences.

I explore my life’s true meaning and purpose: My vision for my future self and those I serve aligns with the legacy I strive to leave behind.

I commit to lifelong learning: I learn valuable lessons from my experiences and other people’s insights.

I proactively face and overcome challenges: I act on clear intentions and take full responsibility for my creations.

I genuinely connect with and serve others: I exercise compassion, empathy, and generosity in my daily interactions.


The human experience is about transcending our inherent struggles and tapping into our divinity to achieve breakthroughs that make us feel fulfilled and serve others. When I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age three, only God knew what was in store for me.

Thankfully my parents won the fight for my opportunity to experience mainstream education over a specialized school for children with Autism. I would have never overcame the behavioral, academic, and social issues that haunted me in early elementary school without extensive support from the school district. I found the inner strength and outer connection I long yearned through sports because of coaches and teammates who made sport enjoyable and challenged me to push my limits. 

Without the great mentors and guidance, I would not be a psychology student, long-distance runner, and leader finishing my B.A. in Psychology at Lake Forest College north of Chicago. Now I am preparing to guide other 20-30 year-olds who share the human desire to embrace struggle and experience greatness to limits they never thought was possible. 

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