My mission is to create and implement wellness and performance enhancement solutions for college athletes, so that they find their edge in and out of competition.


My vision in graduate school is to build research, counseling, and sport and performance psychology expertise through coursework, ,applied experience, and personal outreach.


My name is Jonathan Stern and I am a developing researcher, practitioner, and writer. I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Sport Psychology at Florida State University. 

Sport has been a centerpiece in my life. Playing baseball and basketball guided me through my elementary school years gave me strength and hope amidst social and behavioral challenges. I took on five more sports between sixth and ninth grade before finding my true passion in long-distance running (cross-country and track) as a high schooler in Scottsdale, Arizona and a D3 athlete at Lake Forest College (North of Chicago). 

Sport was a source of strength, meaning, and reward through my high school and college years. I through this journey I reached limits  However, I also faced mental health, psychosocial, and performance struggles that hindered me from fully expressing my best self.

Through the roller-coaster journey of my student-athlete experience, I found clarity, growth, and a passion for helping student-athletes thrive through the demands of academic, athletic, and professional success. I love reading books, listening to podcasts, and completing puzzles outside of academics and athletics.

Right now I am starting a three-year Master's track. Alongside taking the required classes, I am striving