Many Possibilities Remain



The very quests of mastering my craft, learning about myself, and inspiring others make the journey of the long-distance runner meaningful. I see endurance sports as a vehicle for growing into the human being that I want to become and making the greatest impact on those I serve.


My life's work centers around helping other goal-oriented achievers like me realize new limits in all facets of life. Who would want to learn from someone who is not doing it himself?

Pushing myself to new limits remains a meaningful pursuit that I want to embrace for decades of my life. From short long-distance races to (half) marathons to Ironman triathlons, I see a long future ahead as an endurance athlete. Running continues to make me a stronger person in every part of my life. 

When I break through the barriers and resistance that training and competing in the sport demand, I have the capability and freedom to live a fuller life and serve others like never before. This will require many struggles, failures, and learning.