My Plan for Graduate School Coursework


College athletes must engage in research-based mental skills development paradigms that enrich their ability to cope with demands as a human being then a performer in sport.That is why developing counseling, performance psychology, and research expertise is my priority in graduate school. That starts with building a knowledge base in the classroom



To understand the college athlete as a human being, I seek graduate school programs that offer coursework in the following areas: 

  • General Psychology Topics such as social psychology, abnormal, personality, and developmental

  • Ethical and legal issues in psychology and counseling

  • Multicultural counseling

  • Psychopathology/psychotherapy

  • Assessment

  • Physiological Psychology/Biological basis of behavior

  • Group Counseling

Sport and Performance Psychology

Intercollegiate competitors have unique motivations, aspirations, and challenges that performance enhancement consultants must understand. I seek graduate coursework in the following areas of sport and performance psychology: 

  • Team Dynamics and Consulting

  • Theories of Sport and Performance

  • Performance Consulting Methods and Practices

  • Coping with stress and injury

  • Kinesiology/Sport Science


I seek graduate coursework in research methods and statistics that will build the foundation I need to comprehend and apply research to my role as a practitioner.