Jonathan Stern pursues a life of genuine meaning, inner excellence, and service. Jonathan is building a career working with college student-athletes on mental skills and performance enhancement while applying this skillset to his own craft as a long-distance runner. Jonathan expands his influence through leadership in his community and networking with other professionals to help them achieve their mission. Jonathan aims to develop his counseling, performance psychology, and research expertise after receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Lake Forest College in May 2018. 


Are you a....

Professional or fellow student seeking to understand my comprehensive vision for future education, research, and development in psychology? 

Fellow runner or athlete seeking support, motivation, or advice? 

Professional seeking an opportunity to build your network, develop leadership skills, and make extra income to take your career to the next level on your own time? 

An undergraduate or graduate student exploring a future in sport psychology? 

Somebody that I can support, promote, or help grow in any way?