Going the Extra Mile

Entrepreneurs share many qualities of great students and athletes: A clear vision for personal growth, improving other lives, and making the world a better place. That is why I am an entrepreneurship minor and have integrated this work into my life. 


Entrepreneurship teaches important life skills such as listening, perspective-taking, persuasion, and influence. I always felt uncomfortable interacting with other people. Entrepreneurship forced me to step out of my comfort zone and start conversations with people by going to networking events, conferences, and taking sales positions. 

I had a friend who introduced me to the Leadership Team Development team in the greater Chicago area. I felt skeptical at first as many people would. After all, this is a very unique model for personal growth and business development. I had the feeling that this could help me get to where I want to go once I started to learn more about this. 

This centers around interacting with people and building opportunities. In sport psychology, I will need to look ahead and build the skills and network I need to constantly move my career forward. I will also need to speak about sport psychology to coaches, athletes, and teammates in a way that they can understand to convince them that mental skills training is a worthy pursuit. This will all require an entrepreneurial skillset. 

In leadership positions such as my current position on the AASP Mentorship Match Program, I will need to create a vision with innovative ideas on how to help students move forward in sport psychology. This requires that I communicate my vision in a compelling fashion to create buy-in from other people. 

Earning extra income from entrepreneurial activities will also help me expand my influence in sport psychology. I will have the opportunity to invest in going to more conferences, invest in more educational material, and create platforms where I can share valuable insights and tips. 

By embracing the everyday life of an entrepreneur I can make a greater impact in the world and live life to the fullest.