My Future in Research


Research involvement and expertise is crucial to keeping up with the changes in a rapidly growing field. I want to focus my research expertise on mindfulness in sport and motivation/self-determination because many college student-athletes struggle with maintaining focus and drive despite the numerous distractions and demands of the college environment. I will seek numerous opportunities to conduct research in these areas during graduate school. 


Master's/Early Doctoral Thesis Project

With scarce formal research experience during my undergraduate years, the project that I conduct in the next two years will be a major foundation to receiving my PhD. I will seek that experience in the following ways:

  • Continue reading research and attending research presentations on mindfulness in sport and motivation. 

  • Build a better understanding of the research gaps in my areas of interest. 

  • Take general research courses and statistics in my first two semesters of my graduate education. 

  • Formulate a plan to conduct a research project in the first or second year of my doctoral education. 

  • If I enroll in a Master's program, I will complete a thesis before enrolling in a doctoral program. 

Capstone Dissertation

I will demonstrate competency in conducting and applying research by publishing a dissertation project in my field of interest before receiving my PhD. The most important aspects of my preparation for this type of project are: 

  • Integrating the dissertation into my long-term plan for graduate school. 

  • Remaining informed on the latest research in mindfulness in sport and motivation by attending conferences and reading articles. 

  • Completing a Master's Thesis or early-doctoral project

  • Publishing and presenting at least two other projects during my doctoral education

  • Formulating a thorough plan for the dissertation that gets approved by the department and the school's IRB.