A Joyful Summer Ahead

Every child needs adult role models to guide them to success and help them cope with the inevitable struggles as a foundation to a life of joy and fulfillment. That is why I am seeking employment at a summer sports camp youth development program or sports camp.

Motivated college student-athletes must overcome performance pressure in sport and build a bright professional future. By training mental skills, college student-athletes will realize their academics, athletic, and professional aspirations.” 


Many athletes and adults struggle to cope with failure because they continually carry the burden of childhood traumas. Therefore, developing resiliency skills through participation in youth sport sets an important foundation to an enjoyable and fulfilling life. A youth athlete will never develop into the best athlete or person possible without coaches and mentors who patiently and compassionately guide them through the process of succeeding in sport. 

This lesson appeared in my own life during recent days when I deeply explored my past. I learned how childhood experiences contributed to struggles with confidence, coping with pressure, and getting along with teammates as a college long-distance athlete. Most of my athletic performance and interpersonal deficits stem from an enduring negative self-image left behind from aversive social experiences in early elementary school. Through the years, I used my identity as an athlete to cover up the social anxiety that I carried around since my battle with early-life behavioral and social problems. Developing the youth athlete's ability to cope with inevitable struggles became very meaningful to me once I understood how carrying around my past struggles compromised my performance and enjoyment in sport.

I will also learn important lessons about the deveopmental aspect of the adult athlete through this experience. Go to the youth sport section of the applied experience page to learn more.